We provide simplicity, reliability, and flexibility for you and your employees.

for Employers

PayRelay offers a comprehensive, user-friendly outsourced payroll service, tailored to simplify your workload.

We understand that business owners in the UK face myriad challenges, but payroll management doesn’t have have to be one of them.

Accuracy and Compliance

Founded by a Chartered Tax Advisor (CIOT & ATT member) and a HR Advisor, our expert team is well-versed in UK payroll laws and regulations. We ensure that your business stays compliant and your employees stay motivated. Put your payroll in safe hands.

Customisation and Flexibility

PayRelay offers customisable payroll services tailored to your specific needs. From dedicated telephone support, to reporting that will export to your existing accounting software*. PayRelay is built to support your success.

Simple Pricing

We know the importance of managing costs. Our transparent pricing model ensures that you get top-notch professional payroll services without breaking the bank. Take back the time to get on with your business.

Ease of Use

We make payroll management effortless. We can receive your data over the phone, via scheduled emails, through our software interface, or through simple online forms tailored to your business. We can even integrate your info from Clockify, Deputy or *any other modern timesheet app.

for Accountants

We recognise your need for precise, seamless payroll management for your clients. With PayRelay, you can offer accurate, compliant, customisable payroll services, whilst we take care of the processing and customer service. 

Flexible Services

Accountants have unique payroll needs, so we offer flexible solutions. We can take on your payroll processing so that you don’t have to, or offer a ‘Partner’ service you can trust. We can even provide a fully white-label service so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Accuracy and Compliance

PayRelay was created by a Chartered Tax Advisor (CIOT & ATT member) and a HR Advisor, we are well-versed in UK payroll law, statutory requirements and tax obligations. We have the industry knowledge to provide efficient, timely payroll processing.

Ease of Integration

PayRelay seamlessly integrates with accounting software and systems commonly used by our clients. We use BrightPay to offer financial reporting and payroll journalling via API integration with a variety of accounting systems including Xero, Sage, FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online, KashFlow and many more.

Cost Effective

We understand the importance of managing costs. Our transparent pricing ensures that you can provide out-sourced payroll services without harming your bottom line. Take back the time to get on with your business.

Our services

Telephone Support

Query handling for both Employers and Employees.

Regular Prompts

We contact you when your payroll data is due.

Simple Forms

For routine tasks, tailored to your business needs.

Leave & Absence Tracking

Holidays, sickness and other absence records.

Tax Liability Reports

Periodic reporting with HMRC payment deadlines.

Flexible Communications

We can use whatever methods you prefer.

Unlimited Employees

Unlimited Employers. Our service scales with you.

Payroll in Detail

Salary Calculations

Employee salary calculations for various pay structures, including hourly rates, fixed salaries, or other compensation arrangements.

Tax Deductions

Calculate Income tax and National Insurance contributions compliant with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) regulations.

Payslip Generation

Issue and secure distribution of employee payslips.

Statutory Deductions

Income Tax

National Insurance Contribitions (NICs)

Student Loan Repayments

Apprenticeship Levy

Workplace Pension Contributions

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)

Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP)

Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP)

Attachment of Earnings Orders (AEO)

Court Orders for Maintenance (COM)

Benefits in Kind (BiK)

Employee Loan Repayments

Union Membership Dues

Charitable Contributions

Overpayments Recovery

Employee Purchases

Travel Expenses Repayment

Real-Time Information (RTI) Reporting

Submit accurate and timely RTI reports to HMRC.

Year-End Processes

Complete year-end processes, produce and distribute P60 forms for employees, submit year-end reports to HMRC.

Employee Benefits Administration

Administer and manage employee benefits, such as health insurance, vehicles and other incentives. Generate P11D forms and advise on National Insurance liabilities.

Leave and Absence Tracking

Track and manage employee leave, including holidays, sickness, and other types of absences.

Handling Queries and Disputes

Address employee queries related to payroll, taxes, and benefits.

Customised Reporting

Provide customised payroll reports to meet the specific needs of clients, such as departmental costs or other financial reporting.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of employee payroll and personal data.

Technology Integration

We constantly update our abilities to integrate our payroll systems with other HR and financial management systems, ensuring data consistency, efficiency and ease of use.

Pensions in Detail

Pension Scheme Setup

Assist in setting up and implementing a workplace pension scheme that suits you and your employees.

Auto Enrolment Compliance

Employee eligibility assessment, automatic enrolments into new or established workplace pension schemes. 

Direct Employee Communication

All relevant communication about the auto-enrolment process, pension scheme details, and any changes in contribution rates or pension rules.

Opt-Out Management

Manage the process for employees who choose to opt out of the pension scheme, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing necessary documentation.

Re-enrolment Process

Manage the pension re-enrolment process as required by law, which involves regularly reassessing employee eligibility and re-enrolling eligible employees who have opted out.

Scheme Compliance and Reporting

Ensure that the pension scheme remains compliant and suitable and provide regular reports to both employers and pension scheme providers.

Pension Contribution Submissions

Submit accurate and timely pension contribution data to the pension scheme provider, in line with regulatory requirements.

Management of Salary Sacrifice Schemes

Administer salary sacrifice schemes related to pensions, where employees agree to exchange part of their salary for increased pension contributions.

Provider Liaison

Act as delegate between the employer and the pension scheme provider, facilitating communication and signposting on issues that may arise.

For Employers

Payroll Run


1 to 10 Employees


11 to 500 Employees


Auto Enrolment


Pensions Processing


(opted in Employees only)



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Clear Transparent Pricing

*Prices per payslip

All prices are subject to vat.

*Prices per payslip

All prices are subject to vat.

For Accountants

Per Employer


1 to 10 Employees


11 to 500 Employees


Auto Enrolment


Pensions Processing


(opted in Employees only)



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Director Only

Including 2 Directors


Further Directors




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Let's talk about your business

Humans always available monday to friday 10am - 6pm.

*Often available other times too.

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